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Tele-AAC Case Studies:

Working With What You've Got

Course Type: Self-guided, online course 

Course Schedule: On demand

Course Level: Introductory (see Course Description for more information)

Course Cost: $20.00

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Course Description

Tele-AAC Case Studies: Working With What You’ve Got: This course is made up six modules, which should be completed sequentially. Each of them has “critical thinking questions” to help guide your online learning (these are listed below). These questions will help you reflect on the content of the module and prepare you for the “check for understanding” at the end of this course. Use these documents/handouts provided to make note of important information as you go through each module. 

Course Agenda

Module 1: The Basics of Tele-AAC

Module 2: Direct Service Delivery via Tele-AAC (intervention)

Module 3: Indirect Service Delivery via Tele-AAC (consultation)

Module 4: Supporting Engagement in a Virtual Environment

Module 5: Display and Equipment Work Arounds

Module 6: Case Examples


Instructional Personnel: 

Financial Disclosure: Hillary Jellison and Nerissa Hall are co-founders of Communicare, LLC, and are paid to provide assessment, intervention, consultation and training services through their company. Additionally, Nerissa is co-editor and contributing author for Tele-AAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication through Telepractice and receives royalty payments from Plural Publishing, Inc. 

Nonfinancial Disclosure: Hillary Jellison and Nerissa Hall are members of ASHA's SIGs 12 and 18 and receive no compensation as members of either special interest group. They are also members of RESNA and receive no compensation as members. 

Course Content: Financial and non financial disclosures not applicable. This course makes mention of a number of commercially available AAC/AT tools/systems; however, neither the presenters nor the companies receive any financial compensation from those mentioned. 

Cancellation Policy: Commūnicāre, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class based on low registration. If a class is cancelled, participants will be notified and can either transfer their registration to another class or request a refund. 


Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued if a participant is unable to attend a class. However, registration may be transferred to another class, if available.

Complaint Policy: If you are not satisfied with the course you purchased, or have questions, comments or concern, please contact our Professional Development Coordinator

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