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Summer Literacy Workshop

Course Type: In-person workshop

Course Credits: 10 PDPs

Course Schedule: Four (4) 2.5 sessions

Course Level: Introductory (see Course Description and Course Agenda below for more information)

Course Cost: $300.00 (with group discounts available for 3 or more registrations)

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Course Description

Sometimes our most effective reading programs don’t work. We’ve all had students who receive intensive intervention for years and make minimal progress or plateau. Students who can decode and read fluently but not comprehened. Students who have challenges that make reading instruction seem impossible (He can’t speak, how can he learn to read?). These students have complex learning needs. To help them learn to their potential, our interventions must be structured and systematic but flexible enough to accommodate their multilayered needs and the roadblocks that occur in their learning.

Contact Us Regarding This Workshop

Hillary is our Professional Development Coordinator.


You can reach her at the following:

Hillary Jellison
Ph: (413) 302-1503

Fax: (800) 635-9636


Cancellation Policy: Commūnicāre, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class based on low registration. If a class is cancelled, participants will be notified and can either transfer their registration to another class or request a refund. 


Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued if a participant is unable to attend a class. However, registration may be transferred to another class, if available.

Complaint Policy: If you are not satisfied with the course you purchased, or have questions, comments or concern, please contact our Professional Development Coordinator

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