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An Immersive Tele-AAC Program

Module 1

Module 1: First Steps to Creating an AAC Camp Online

We start this webinar by reviewing how we broke down our immersive AAC program in order to transform it into an online format. 


Critical thinking questions and learning objectives for this module are:

  • Identify the starting point for moving a program online;

  • Detail why the process is considered “two-fold” for the campers; and

  • Explain why it is important to organize according to “cohorts.” 



In this first module, Hillary and Nerissa offer a brief overview of how they prepared to move an established 5-week immersive AAC program to an online format. We learn about the primary pillars of the program, and who it is designed to support. 

Summer Camp.jpg

Once this information is parsed out, we are able to clearly identify the primary stakeholders. This is the first step to planning for an intensive online program. 


After you have watched the video, think about:

  1. Who the primary stakeholders are and why?

  2. What each of these participants (stakeholders) need in order to advance their skills with respect to AAC? 

  3. How you might address their needs using tele-AAC?

Cancellation Policy: Commūnicāre, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class based on low registration. If a class is cancelled, participants will be notified and can either transfer their registration to another class or request a refund. 


Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued if a participant is unable to attend a class. However, registration may be transferred to another class, if available.

Complaint Policy: If you are not satisfied with the course you purchased, or have questions, comments or concern, please contact our Professional Development Coordinator

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