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The Commūnicāre Learning Team has a number of presentations. Use this space to get access to the handouts and associated resources.

2020 Presentation Handouts...

ASHA Webchat 2020: Tele-AAC: Getting Started

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP & Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Hillary and Nerissa offer an introduction to getting started with tele-AAC. The basics of this service delivery model are discussed and participants are able to get a picture of how to provide services in real time and over time.

ASHA SIGnature Series 2020:

Leveraging the Power of Synchronous and Asynchronous Tele-AAC Services

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP & Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

While telepractice and tele-AAC services are often thought of as real-time services provided directly to an individual, asynchronous tele-AAC services that include highly individualized and clinically relevant content can be quite effective also. This course explores tele-AAC services as a continuum of support, highlighting the dynamic role of asynchronous tele-AAC in supporting not only the individual (with implementation and generalization, in particular) but also essential stakeholders, including communication partners. Get access to this through ASHA

CTG 2020: Virtual AAC Camp: What Worked and What We Learned 

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP and Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

This presentation reviewed the process of moving a five-week AAC camp online. The process of establishing a plan, developing the curriculum, and supporting various stakeholders is discussed.

AGOSCI 2020: Tele-AAC: Working with What You've Got 

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

Tele-AAC can be a dynamic and versatile method of services delivery for individuals with complex communication needs. This presentation goes over how to support individuals and their communication partners in creative ways, working with the resources you and your teams have access to. 

NEAT 2020: Tele-Engagement for Effective Clinical Intervention 

Hillary Jellison, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP and Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

Tele-AAC is a viable service delivery method for individuals using AAC. While a lot of what is done in on-site environments can be replicated in a virtual setting, there are certain elements of the clinical process that are different in the different settings. More specifically, the ways in which clinicians need to share and manipulate content and information, gain and maintain an individual’s attention, and support shared engagement vary in virtual synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This webinar reviews ways to support tele-engagement for effective AAC intervention.

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