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The Commūnicāre Learning Team has a number of presentations. Use this space to get access to the handouts and associated resources.

2019 Presentation Handouts...

Closing the Gap 2019: AAC, ABA and Beyond

Sarah Fitta, MA.CCC-SLP, BCBA & Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

This presentation reviews how we can use the principles of ABA to help support successful AAC implementation within the home and classroom setting to develop functional communication skills for individuals with complex communication needs.  

Closing the Gap 2019: Tele-AAC for Home-Based Support

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Participants will learn about tele-AAC and how it can support generalization into the home. The presentation will cover the service delivery model, the equipment needed to facilitate this, as well as how to still maintain security and privacy measures. 

CAAC 2019: Tele-AAC for the Advanced Practitioner

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP and Ellen Cohn, PhD.CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow

This course covers three major tele-AAC competencies: AAC service delivery; the fundamentals of tele-ethics, tele-environments, policy, technology, privacy and safety, and trends; and the technical demands of adapting AAC to the synchronous and asynchronous virtual environments.  

ATCNE 2019: AT Toolkit for Invisible Disabilities

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP, Gian Albelice, Clinical Consultant

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

Individuals with complex learning needs due to trauma, TBI, EF, ADHD, and other psychosocial challenges can struggle to access their curriculum and environment. This presentation reviews the profiles of such learners and details how high-tech and lite-tech AT tools and solutions can be used to support accessibility. 

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