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The Commūnicāre Learning Team has a number of presentations. Use this space to get access to the handouts and associated resources.

Presentation Handouts...

ATCNE 2021: Tele-Engagement for Individuals Using AAC

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP and Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

While the technology available allows us to replicate an on-site environment in an online format, that doesn't mean that a learner will access the material in the same way. Understanding how to support an individual's engagement in a variety of ways is essential when establishing and implementing online services. This presentation describes ways to promote tele-engagement in the context of tele-AAC service delivery to individuals with complex communication needs. In exploring this and tele-AAC in greater detail, we also extend the information to pertain to the various stakeholders involved in the success of AAC implementation.

MSHA 2021: Telehealth and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

Telehealth for individuals using AAC (also known as tele-AAC) is an effective way of providing a range of services directly and indirectly to individuals and their communication partners. This course offers an overview of tele-AAC, and distinguishes it from the field of telepractice/telehealth, at large. The course details how services occurring in real time (synchronous services) and over time (asynchronous services) both can serve to support individuals with very varied learning, cognitive, communication and physical access profiles, as well as other critical stakeholders. Visit MSHA for more details.

Autism Connection 2021: Chutes and Ladders: The Ups and Downs of AAC

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP & Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Hillary and Nerissa go over some of the challenges with AAC implementation, breaking it down and making it fun. 

CSHA 2021: Tele-AAC and the Advantages for the Field

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP 

Tele-AAC is a powerful method of service delivery. Tele-AAC services occurring in real time (synchronous services) and over time (asynchronous services) can be offered directly to an individual using AAC, as well as indirectly to their communication partners. Tele-AAC services in general offer a seamless way of involving communication partners and stakeholders into AAC interventions, which is essential for longterm AAC success. 

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