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Intro to Tele-AAC

This webinar provides an overview of tele-AAC services. Video examples of direct and indirect synchronous services are used to help describe the service.

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

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Tele-AAC Case Studies

This webinar offers practical information about how to offer a range of tele-AAC services to individuals and teams using and working with AAC. 

Nerissa Hall, PhS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Hillary Jellison, MA.CCC-SLP, ATP

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Immersive Tele-AAC

This course covers the process of developing an immersive online program for individuals with complex communication needs and their partners.  

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Nerissa Hall, PhS.CCC-SLP, ATP

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Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

AAC for Beginning


This course will provide an introduction to AAC for beginning communicators, specifically school-age children, and an overview of the principles of evidence-based practice. Course participants will learn about a range of AAC tools and techniques, language stages and starting points for intervention. 

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AAC Partnerships

This course explores AAC implementation, what communication partners need to know, and how this information is best learned. 

Hillary Jellison, MS.CCC-SLP, ATP

Nerissa Hall, PhD.CCC-SLP, ATP

Contact Us Regarding Trainings

Hillary is our Professional Development Coordinator.


You can reach her at the following:

Hillary Jellison
Ph: (413) 302-1503

Fax: (800) 635-9636

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